Jan 18

GetActive’s announcement from Wednesday…

Dear Neil,

I’m writing to share the exciting news that GetActive is to be acquired by Convio, Inc. This is a significant milestone for the nonprofit sector, our company, and our product. But most important of all, this is great news for our clients.

This agreement with Convio combines the resources of the two leading software companies serving nonprofits to create a clear leader in this fast evolving market. GetActive has the best Advocacy and Website management products available and Convio is recognized as the industry leading eCRM and Fundraising solution.

The client focus and market understanding you’ve come to expect from GetActive will not go away. Our staff will become employees of Convio — virtually doubling the new company’s ability to develop new features and offer new services.

We expect you to have many questions and we will do our best to provide information as it becomes available. Here are two upcoming opportunities for you to learn more about this partnership and ask questions:

Below are a few questions with brief answers to address some anticipated concerns. Feel free to contact your Account Manager, myself or anyone else from GetActive to learn more, but please be patient as we anticipate lots of questions in the next few days. We are committed to frequent communications to ensure our clients are informed during this transition.

Again, we are excited about the future and look forward to being able to dedicate more resources to better serve the GetActive client community.

Warm regards,

Sheeraz Haji, CEO
GetActive Software

What is the new company name?
Convio, Inc.Will the GetActive products be maintained? For how long?
GetActive provides both an eCRM platform in addition to a Web content management (CMS) product. Over time, GetActive clients using eCRM will be migrated to Convio’s eCRM platform. Support for the GetActive eCRM platform will eventually be discontinued, although a firm date for this transition has not yet been determined. We will give clients at least six months notice. Convio will continue to invest in the CMS product, and make it available to all clients.Can I migrate to the Convio platform and use their tools?
Yes, in time all eCRM clients will be migrated to the Convio platform, while the website management module will be integrated into the Convio platform. Our new, expanded product team will be working to take the best features of GetActive and engineer them to work on the Convio platform; additionally our team will be developing new features to streamline your data migration.How long will a migration take?
Migrations timeframes depend on the number and complexity of modules, special features, activity history and database size being deployed, as well as on how many other migrations or new deployments are occurring around the same time.

Will there be a fee to migrate?
A migration plan will be made available to all customers by March 30, 2007. Any costs associated with migration will be addressed in this plan.

Will I continue to work with my current Account Manager?
Yes. We are sensitive to the fact that clients value continuity in their service relationships. There will initially be very few changes in primary client contacts. Our goal is to minimize any changes.

What about training?
Several training options will continue to be available, some free and some for a fee.

How does this affect my current GetActive contract?
Your current contract will remain in effect for the entire term. During the course of the contract we may approach you about the option of migrating to the Convio platform in order to take advantage of the expanded functionality.

What additional features does Convio offer?

  • Tributes
  • eCommerce
  • TeamRaiser
  • Event triggered email messaging
  • HTML auto-response messaging
  • Social networking Widgets
  • Advocacy call alerts and vote center
  • Automated check payment processing
  • Pledge fundraising
  • eCards
  • Member Directories
  • Member Rewards

Check out Convio’s website (http://www.convio.com) to learn more.

I’m in the middle of a GetActive deployment. Will that be stopped?
Your GetActive implementation will proceed as planned. A migration schedule to the Convio platform will be determined in coming months, but only in very special circumstances will your current GetActive deployment be disrupted.

I’ve got more questions, who can I call?
We’ve scheduled a client conference call for Thursday, January 25, to address many of your questions at that time. If you have concerns before this call, feel free to contact your account manager, just please bear in mind that your account manager may not have all of the answers immediately.

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