Mar 18

Fifteen Seconds of Fast Company Fame

I got a nice mention in the new Fast Company cover article on Facebook co-founder, and Obama online organizing director, Chris Hughes…

Neil Jensen, a professional webmaster for the University of Vermont who was an experienced blogger and former Howard Dean volunteer, was on the MyBO site from day one, moderating groups and helping volunteers new to campaigning to get their bearings. “The person whom I communicated with the most was Chris,” he says. “I would ask Chris for a semiofficial response to things like campaign finance, like what are the rules for setting up events as a volunteer and getting money.” Jensen then used the listservs and blog functions on MyBO to get the information out.


When the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy bubbled up, MyBO also paid dividends. Vermont volunteer Jensen had set up and moderated the Obama Rapid Response Group, where bloggers and volunteers posted sophisticated, fact-checked responses to negative news stories about Obama. After William Kristol wrote a column in The New York Times claiming that the candidate was in the pews on the day Wright delivered a particularly controversial sermon, “one of our rapid-response people went online and found Barack’s schedule in Florida and posted it to the listserv,” says Lonnee Hamilton, a volunteer who started Pasadena for Obama. “Our group brought it to the Times, and it printed a correction!”

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