Mar 30

Whether you were offended or intrigued by the 1984 Obama/Hillary ad, I think you might be interested in hearing from the maker, Phil De Vellis, directly. At the very least, I think it pretty clearly removes any doubt of the ad being an orchestrated conspiracy.

Here are two different but equally interesting interviews (thanks to MyDD)…

From an interview with YouTube…

And from PoliticsTV

Mar 29

I’ve been a big fan of Kathy Sierra’s Creating Passionate Users blog for quite some time.

Like Zack Exley in the political world, she writes about exactly the kinds of things I’m interested in — using the power of technology to create new relationships between institutions and their supporters. To move beyond the top-down vs. bottom-up arguments to create a new kind of synthesis that works to the benefit of both.

Like her recent series, How to Build a User Community (Part One and Part Two), she offers fantastic ideas on how to do this.

So, it was very disturbing to learn of the truly weird attacks being waged against her.

And it is causing a very profound ripple effect on the many thought leaders of this whole movement — as it exposes the darkness of human nature which clearly exists in both the real and the virtual.

The BBC has more

Keep the faith, Kathy.

Mar 26

A little ironically stale in Web terms, here’s a video that gives us all a little perspective on the expotential growth of the Earth’s Information Age.

From educator, Carl Fisch on his blog, the Fischbowl

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